Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming. Your mind is probably going at a hundred miles an hour trying to remember everything you need to do so you’d be forgiven for forgetting some things.  Here is a little reminder of 10 things you can easily forget when planning a wedding…


1 Supplier Meals

No one wants a “hangry” supplier so be sure to provide food for those suppliers that are with you during the day like your photographer, DJ, band, wedding planner etc (as opposed to those just setting up).



2 Count Yourselves in the Numbers

You wouldn’t believe how often a couple will forget to include themselves in the numbers or even miss a key member of their wedding party when counting up guests.  You’re so focussed on remembering the people who might not spring so easily to mind that you forget the easy ones!  You could use my guest list tracker to make it easier not to forget anyone.  Click here to view it on Etsy.


3 Allow For Overrunning

Weddings NEVER go to time!  Things undoubtably change on the day so you need to ensure that your suppliers are prepared for this but you also need to know where you stand if things run late and they need to stay longer than planned.  Beware that this could incurr additional charges so it’s worth overestimating on timings when you book so you already have a buffer built in.


4 Dietaries

Make sure you ask your guests to advise of any dietary requirements they have when you ask for their RSVPs to be returned.  Your caterers will need to know these in advance so that they be prepared.


5 Knife For Cutting The Cake

If you are planning to do a traditonal cake cutting you’ll need a knife to do it with.  There are the traditional wedding cake knives that some venues will have in house or you might have a family sword like my Brother-in-Law (who had a mock sword fight with my Sister before they used it to cut their wedding cake)!  Check with your venue if they have one in house otherwise you could check with the supplier providing your wedding cake if they have one you can borrow.  If you happen to have a family sword just double check your venue don’t mind you bringing a medieval weapon to the wedding!


6 Budget For Dress Alterations

Dress alterations don’t necessarily come cheaply depending on how much you need doing so be sure to have budgetted for them or this could come as a very nasty surpise for the wedding fund.


7 Budget For Service Charges

Some venues/caterers will as for a service charge in addition to the food costs.  This might be compulsory or discretionary so read your terms and conditions careful to see where you stand.


8. Have A Contingency Fund For Unplanned Expenses

However much you plan or how organised you are there is likely to be costs you didn’t budget for so have a little pot set aside just in case of these instances.  Hopefully you might not need to use it but it’s better to have it just in case.


9 Remember To Eat!

On the day you’ll be pulled in all different directions, everyone will want to speak to you.  Walking from A to B will take forever as you’ll be stopped multiple times along the way.  You might get so cuaght up in the day with all the nerves and excitement that you forget to eat or loose your appetite but do try to make time to eat something and maybe have some snacks in your room for after the dancing has finished as a midnight snack.


10 Testimonials

There is no bigger thank you to the suppliers that have been brilliant than a great testimonial.  When you booked your suppliers you no doubt scrolled through reviews from past Brides and Grooms to see what they had to say.  Great testimonials are gold dust for a supplier so make time to leave one as a thank you after your big day, you’ll make their day!


Happy Wedmin-ing!

Amy x

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