I am a big advocate for keepsakes to look back on and remember special moments with.  So here are my top ten wedding keepsake ideas for you to look back on in years to come with happy memories of your big day…


1 The First Cork

As your venue to keep the cork from the first bottle of prosecco or champagne set aside for you to keep as a reminder.  There is a tradition of putting a 50 pence coin into that first cork to bring you luck in your married life.  Or you could ask the venue to save all of the corks and you could display them in a box frame with a picture in front.


2 Preserve Your Flowers

There are some beautiful ways to preserve your bouquet:

Pressed Flowers – You can then display them in a frame or have them pressed between the pages of your wedding album or guest book to find when you look back through them.  Place them between two absorbent pieces of paper and then flatten with a very heavy book.

Dried Out Flowers – Ensure the bouquet is still tightly tied together and then hang upside down in a dry place like the airing cupboard and leave for a few weeks.  They can then be displayed as a whole bouquet or in a box frame.

Flower Preservation Globes – Your flowers can be made into a gorgeous globe or paperweight to have on display plus it’s useful!


3 Your Guest Book or Alternative Version

Depending on what you decide to do as your “guest book” you can display the messages from your guests.  Maybe this will be Jenga block, wooden hearts, keys with tags, fingerprints, puzzle pieces, notes on a piece of wood.


4 Wedding Card Album

Place all of your cards in an album so you can read them back every now and again to remind yourself of the lovely things your friends and family said.


5 Wedding Card Frames Keepsake Art

Alternatively, you could cut shapes out of your wedding cakes to make an artistic display to frame.


6 Your First Dance Lyrics

You picked the song because the lyrics were special to you so print them and have them framed either on their own or as a mount to a picture from the wedding.


7 Jar Of Sand From the Honeymoon

Collect some sand from the beach on your honeymoon or wedding for that matter if you get married near the beach and keep it as a memento.

8 Shadow Box For Your Wedding Dress

Now this one is a bit more elaborate and probably involves you having the space in your house but after spending so much money on a gorgeous dress it seems a shame for it to go into a closed box so why not display it in a shadow box.


9 Wedding Soundtrack

There is bound to be songs from the wedding that invoke happy memories of the day so create yourself a soundtrack that you can listen to when you want a remind of the day.


10 Printed Speech

A lot of time, effort and thought goes into writing a speech.  Collect up the speeches after the wedding and then type them up so you can print and frame them.


Happy Wedmin-ing!

Amy x

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