Your Supplier Confirmation Template I’m writing this blog in relation to your wedding but in all honestly this is a really an essential life lesson! Always, always, ALWAYS get everything in writing!

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. A couple will agree something with a supplier verbally, what’s discussed is never put in writing and then later down the line what’s been discussed comes into question; the supplier doesn’t remember the conversation or their interpretation is different. So, what do you do then? You’ve got nothing to prove one way or another. I know how busy wedding planning can be but what’s 5 minutes to write an email if it saves you hours of agro and stress?!

Now I’m not saying you should only communicate by email. You should definitely still pick up the phone with your suppliers or meet them in person. You want to build a relationship with them and that’s best done by talking! It’s also so much easier to explain what you want and discuss your options this way. Discussion over emails might get misunderstood or as we all know sometimes emails/text can come across in the wrong way.

My suggestion…have your discussions face to face or on the phone, talk through all your ideas, questions and concerns, then afterwards send them an email detailing all that you’ve agreed, if there are any outstanding points either of you need to come back on and what the next steps are. This way both of you have something to refer to in case you need reminding and you have solid proof of what’s been agreed.

With this is mind I created “Your Supplier Confirmation Template” which is easily downloaded on Etsy. It only costs £3 and once downloaded you can re-use the template for each of your suppliers no matter how many you have. It also has handy reminders of the details you’ll need to confirm with your suppliers so everything is covered.

You can start using it as soon as you confirm a supplier and slowly fill in the gaps as you finalise your plans or you can send it as a final confirmation of discussions closer to the wedding date. Either way be sure to send the full complete document to each supplier 2-3 weeks before your wedding and ensure your supplier confirms that they have received it and are in agreement with all the details.

If you want to check out the template here’s the link to my Etsy Page Click here

Happy Wedmin-ing!

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