Today I’m so excited to share with you the first in a series of completely free downloadable to do lists/check lists to assist with your wedding planning.

The first is also the last to do list of your wedding planning but just as important as all the rest: The Last Minute Wedding Preparation Checklist

So, before you download let me explain some of the points in a bit more detail:



I always suggest you collect suits, dresses, accessories etc as soon as possible and make a point of trying the full outfits on so you have time to fix any errors or make any alterations if needed.



Some suppliers you will book months in advance and have had many email exchanges back and forth so it’s always worth re-confirming everything with them ahead of the big day to ensure all is in order.  I offer a Supplier Confirmation Template on my Etsy page that might be worth checking out…



The last thing you and your new husband/wife to be worrying about on the wedding is paying for drinks.  Now you might get bought drinks by your guests but it’s worth setting up a bar tab or having drinks charged to your room, so you don’t have to carry cash or cards.



Some venues offer packages that include a Bridal Suite but if not, you might need to consider if you want to book a room for the wedding night.



It probably seems like quite a small detail but actually it’s probably quite important that you figure out how you are both getting to the venue and how you’ll go home afterwards.



When I say “buy any last minute necessities” I was thinking more…a new bikini, new sunglasses…you know…essentials!



No one wants to think about bad weather, but I always think if you prepare for all eventualities hopefully you won’t need to use any of your back up plans.



There’s nothing better than coming back to a clean and tidy house so if you get a chance have a quick blitz of the house.



Stay tuned for a future download with all the bits and pieces you’ll need for your “Bridal Emergency Kit”



The nerves/excitement will probably be starting to kick in the evening before the wedding so why not gather your nearest and dearest (husband/wife to be excluded if your traditional) and have a nice meal and a glass of bubbles to toast your “last night of freedom”.



You are undoubtedly going to have things to collect and things to drop off, so I’ve given you space to fill this in.



It might sound silly to practice your kiss, but you probably need to be agreed on if you’re going in for a full on kiss or a peck otherwise that could just be awkward!



I know that the last few weeks leading up to the wedding can be quite manic but it’s worth trying to make time to see both sets of family.



Try to find some time to have a date time or time away from anything wedding related to just enjoy some quality couple time.



Here you can add any other tasks you think of that you need to get ticked off the list.



Beauty regimes are important for Grooms as well as Brides but don’t book anything like haircuts or facials too close to the big day.



Remember to take care of yourself.  Lots of water, sleep and time to relax so you can glow on the day!



Get married…well that’s pretty obvious but the most important task to tick of the check list.


Good luck Happy Wedmin-ing!

Amy x

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