I’m a real believer in planning and preparing for all eventualities (I always over pack and bring so many things “just in case”!) so this week’s downloadable check list is: Your Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist

Firstly though, let me talk to you about “Wendy”…Wendy is my wedding bag of wonders and she comes with me everywhere I go.  Wendy is an Wedding Emergency Kit on steroids!  She contains everything from cable ties and a glue gun to spare make up and deodorant.  I am always adding to her.  I like to be prepared so that I always have something to hand in case it’s needed and believe me when I say that something ALWAYS gets used with every wedding I do.

You’ve heard the term “sod’s law”, well I believe that if you are prepared you can tell sod where to stick his law.

Now I’m not telling you to get a Wendy because one well mainly she’s mine :), two she weighs a tonne and a lot of what she contains covers me for when I’m setting up or creating something so far more that you should need but you can create your own Wedding Emergency Kit that will cover you just in case.

However, if you’d like to have Wendy present at your big day she comes attached to me, we are a package deal so you could always book me and get Wendy thrown in for free!

Happy Wedmin-ing!

Amy x

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