You’ve simply GOT to encorporate games into the Hen party or Stag do celebrations so here are just a few suggestions…


Bra Pong

I love bra pong and it’s a game you can make yourself!

The idea of the game is to throw the ping pong balls into the bra cups to gain points.  Each bra cup should be worth a different number of points.  The winning score can then win a prize.  Obviously after a few proseccos it might not be such an easy task.

What you need…

An artists’ canvas

3 bras – Primark specials will do the trick

A Staple Gun

Sharpies or Permanent Markers

Ping pong balls

A prize for the winner

A nice touch would be to have a whiteboard or blackboard to use as the leaderboard for everyone to write their scores on

Use the staple gun to staple the bras to the canvas and then decorate the canvas with your sharpies…feel free to go wild on decoration!


Mr & Mrs / Mr & Mr / Mrs & Mrs

It’s kind of a must and so much fun.  Why not record their other halves answers and play them back after they’ve answered, it will add a lot of laughs to the game.  If you want to make it a drinking game have the Bride or Groom take a shot if they get the answer wrong and if they get it right they can choose someone else to do the shot instead.

What you need…

A list of questions

A device to record and play the answers on




Write The Vows

This is a hilarious game and one to video so you can watch it back again later.  Group everyone into teams and give each team a print out of “the vows” which has gaps for them to fill in.  You can either give them words to use in the gaps or let their imagination run wild.  Set a timer and once done have each team can read out their version of “the vows”.

What you need…

A print out of vows with gaps




Toilet Roll Wedding Dress

I mean it’s a classic.  It’s also a great ice breaker!  Split everyone into teams and give them a few rolls of toilet paper each.  Each team will choose one person from the group to act as the bride and then design their wedding dress using only the toilet roll.  Set the timer and watch them go

What you need…

Lots of toilet roll

Your cameras ready to capture the hilarity



After Eight Game

This is one of my favourite games for any kind of celebration because it’s just plain silly!  Everyone puts an After Eight chocolate on their forehead, on the sound of go it’s a race to get the after eight from your forehead and into your mouth using only the muscles in your face, no hands!  It’s hilarious to watch and you’ll all end up with a beautiful chocolate trail down your face!

What you need…

A packet of After Eights



Memory Guessing Game

This is a nice way to take a trip down memory lane and share stories with the group.  How it works is each person writes down a memory in secret and places it in a jar.  The Bride or Groom then needs to pull out each memory and read aloud to the group.  He or she then needs to guess who’s memory it is.  Again this can be made into a drinking game if you wish with the Bride or Groom having to do a shot if they are wrong and if they are right the person who wrote the memory can take the shot.

What you need…

Slips of paper


A jar




Punch The Prize

This is a nice simple little game.  Get enough empty square tissue boxes to have 1 per guest and remove all of the tissues (you could use these as part of the Toilet Roll Wedding Dress game), place a small prize inside the box and then stick a piece of coloured tissue paper over the hole.  Each guests will be able to “punch” through the tissue paper to claim their prize.  You could also adapt the game to maybe pull out a truth or a dare.

What you need…

Square tissue boxes

Coloured tissue paper


Small prizes for each guest or truth/dare cards



Kiss The Picture

You know the game pin the tail on the donkey, well this is the alternative version.  Print a large picture of either the Bride or Groom’s other half or their celebrity crush.  Each person get’s a turn to put on a statement lipstick, have a blindfold put on and then attempt to kiss the picture with the closest smacker to the picture’s lips being the winner.

What you need…

Statement lipsticks


Printed picture

A prize for the winner


The Perfect Wife/Husband Kit

Why not ask everyone to bring a gift to be collected up to make the perfect wife/husband kit.  People don’t need to spend a lot, maybe even set a budget of up to £5.  People could buy things like a duster or hammer.



Bride/Groom Survival Kit

Alternatively you could put a survival kit together for the bride or groom

What you need…

Everyone to bring a small gift



Wedding Advent Calendar

How much do we all love Christmas Advent Calendars, well why not give a wedding advent calendar to the Bride or Groom?!  You could do this as the Perfect Wife/Husband’s kit or a Bride/Groom survival kit and have each day be a new gift to open.  Again it doesn’t need to be anything big or expensive.  Either get something to put each gift in or have numbered labels to put on then each day as the Bride or Groom gets closer to their wedding day they can open the next gift.

What you need…

Everyone to bring a small gift

Something to put the gifts in or numbered labels



Guess Who Game

If you’re going to be going OUT OUT for part of the celebrations this is such a fun game to include.  We all remember the game “Guess Who” right?!  Well do a little google and find images of the various characters from the game.  Print them out and stick them onto bits of card.  Hand everyone at random one or more of the cards.  Whilst you are out each person must find someone who resembles their character and get a picture with them.  Cue lots of funny pictures and stories of trying to get the photos.  Who knows what new friends you might make!

What you need…

Print outs of the Guess Who characters

Some card and glue to stick them too

A camera or phone handy to captures the moments


Guest Book & Photos

I am a big fan of momentos!  Have everyone bring a copy of their favourite photo with the Bride/Groom.  Buy a scrapebook or photo album that everyone can stick their photo into and write a message for the Bride/Groom.  At the end of the hen/stag do you can present the book to them as a keepsake from the celebrations and the wonderful friends they shared it with.

What you need…

A scrapbook or photoalbum


Everyone to bring a photo

Some nice pens to write your messages with



Wedding Word Bingo

This game can be a lethal one but absolutely brilliant.  Have everyone write down a wedding themed word onto a bit of paper and place into a glass or hat.  Once everyone has done that, get each guest to pull out a piece of paper and read out which word they’ve selected.  Everytime someone uses that word they will have to drink!  If you want to be really mean think…”um”s, “err”s and “thank you”s!

What you need…



Something to put the pieces of paper into

Plenty of drinks!



Ring Hunt

Get lots of novelty plastic rings or paper ring cutouts and hide them, then send everyone out searching with the winner as the person who’s found the most number of rings.

What you need..

Novelty plastic rings or ring cutouts

Good hiding places




Why not create a number of challenges/dares for everyone.  Write them up in advance on little bits of cards/paper and hand them round to the group.  They’ll then have to action them over the course of the celebrations.

What you need…

Some challenges and dares written on pieces of card/paper



How Well Do You Know The Bride/Groom?

This is kind of like Mr & Mrs but based on how well the group know the Bride or Groom.  You can either go with simple questions or more random questions and give everyone the true or false option.

What you need..

A list of questions and the answers

Somewhere for them to write down their answers


Guess The Body Part

You’ll need to have a few willing volunteers for this including the Bride/Groom’s other half.  In advance get their other half to take pictures of different parts of their body i.e. hand, leg, bum (if you’re feeling cheeky…pardon the pun!).  Then get pictures of the same body parts but of other people.  Place these pictures side by side and have the Bride/Groom guess which of the pictures is his or her Bride/Groom to be.

What you need…

Pictures either printed or you could create a slideshow or collage on a ipad/iphone

Wiling volunteers



Wedding Themed Classics

There are always the classics like Pictionary, Charades etc that you can put a wedding spin on.



Happy Henmin-ing!

Amy x

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