Most peoples’ immediate thoughts are of L plates, strippers and chants of “lads, lads, lads” but who said they have to be just like that, they can be anything you want!  There are so many things you can do and not everything will cost a small fortune but won’t be any less fun!  To prove this here are just a few possible hen party and stag do ideas that might not necessarily be “traditional”…


Action Activities

Crystal Maze: This 90s tv show was epic and you can experience it yourself in either London or Manchester now!  Teams are made up of 8 people and there are 4 teams in total so you can book as many spaces as you want and the other spaces can be made up by other groups.


Escape Rooms: These are popping up all over the place now so you’re bound to find one near to you.  In small teams the group will have to solve clues in order to escape a room often racing against teams in other rooms.


Indoor Crazy Golf: These are becoming really popular with places like Swingers, Putt Shack and Junkyard Golf to name just a few in London.


Flight Club: This is fast becoming one of my favourite places at the moment, I absolutely love it!  The dart boards are electronic and interactive so you can play different games in teams whilst sipping on cocktails!  Bliss!  A great idea for a pre-drink.


Driving Experiences: There are loads of these experiences out there but why not do something a bit different and try driving a fire engine or an original mini or even a bus!


Tank Racing: I came across an experience called Armourgeddon which looks like so much fun and definitely something a bit different.  It’s paintball battles in tanks!


Beer Bike: Why not tour a city…on a communal bike…drinking beer?!  Or even sangria.  Yes please!


Aquatic Jet Packing: Imagine the videos you’ll get of the group mastering…or trying to master and totally failing at this.  You just might need plenty of time to dry off afterwards.


Indoor Sky Diving: Probably best not to throw the Bride or Groom out of a plane just before the wedding but why not do an indoor sky diver as a safer option!


Top Gun Experience: Who didn’t love the film, well now there is an experience where you can be Maverick!


Wing Walking: Are you brave enough to stand on the wings of a plane?



Food and Drink Experiences


Who doesn’t love food and drink.  With so many options out there you can find something that fits whether that’s a food festival, a beer festival, a brewery or distillery tour.  Maybe you could do a beer or wine tasting.  Learn to make cocktails or cook up a storm before tasting the results.  Endulge in a chocolate tasting or take part in your very own Bake Off challenge.  Dine on a Chef’s table and interact with the team whilst enjoying their culinary delights.



DIY Activities


I’m a big fan of arts and crafts so these ideas are right up my street!  There are some really fun DIY activities to get the group doing that don’t necessarily need everyone to have a creative flare.  Ideas include making flower crowns which you could wear out that night or making a fascinator to wear at the wedding.  How about blinging out a pair of shoes or a handbag with glitter, embellishments etc which can be a lovely keepsake to remember the hen do by.  There are also candle making and perfume making classes which gives everyone something to take away from the celebrations as a reminder of the day.



Dance Classes

How about learning something new?!  There are so many classes geared up for a hen party, there’s no pressure to be good just to have a giggle and make some memories.  Have a go at some burlesque moves or try your hand at pole dancing (which is a LOT harder than it looks).  Maybe you want to try something like street dance or old school like the Charleston or the Jive.  You could see if those hips don’t lie with some belly dancing or even hula hopping.




Why not have someone give a hair or make-up tutorial for everyone so they can try out some new skills for their wedding look.  You could have someone give everyone a quick file and polish before a night out or even just a quick massage to help everyone relax after a hard night out dancing.



Days Out


A Day At The Races: A great chance to get all dressed up and maybe have a bit of a flutter on a horse if you’re feeling lucky.


Festival: With so many festivals why not get glittered up, put your wellies on and dance away to some amazing artists.


Orient Express: Did you know you can take a trip on the Orient Express?


Sea Fishing: If you’re not prone to sea sickness why not take to the high seas and see what you can catch just watch out for sharks!


Theme Park: This is one for the adrenaline junkies and if budget allows get a fast pass for the group so you don’t need to wait too long in line.


Helicopter Tour: This is probably a more costly option but you could take in the sights of London from high above.


Boat Tour: Sail down the Thames watching the iconic sights go by whilst enjoying some bubbles and making a delicious afternoon tea.



Nights Out


Shows: There are so many options from theatre productions, musicals, comedy performances, burlesque shows, cabaret shows etc to enjoy and lots of restaurants offer pre-theatre menus.


Gigs or Concerts: Why not go and see the Bride or Grooms favourite artist or band.


Themed Night: Get everyone dressed up and off to a themed evening maybe a jive night or a 1920s evening.


Murder Mystery Night: Everyone will get a character to play and then let the investigation begin!


Slumber Party: Instead or a night out how about a night in and have an old fashioned slumber parties with onesies, movies and midnight snacks.


And the list doesn’t end there but it does at least give you a few ideas of what you could do.

Happy Henmin-ing!

Amy x

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