There is so much to do when planning a wedding but don’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate.  You can’t do everything yourself and there will be people who’ll be happy to help! So here are my Top 10 Tips For Wedding Tasks You Can Delegate.


1 DIY Help

This is a big task that you can delegate or ask for help with, especially if you have particularly creative friends or family.  Feel free to bribe them with food and bubbles!  I always thinks it’s nice to have a “DIY day” or evening and get everyone together and make it a fun experience, with everyone having their role in the production line whilst listening to music, chatting and having some yummy nibbles.  A well fed workforce is a happy workforce and a happy workforce gets stuff done!


2 Airport/Train Station Pick Ups

If you have relatives or friends flying in or traveling by train the last thing you will want to do (or have time to do) is driving around as a taxi service, so call on people to help with the ferrying duties to free you up for the tasks only you can do.


3 Collecting Items

That’s the thing with wedding planning, you can do loads at the beginning then you get a lull where there isn’t much to do until the last few weeks leading up to the big day when your to do list explodes!  There are bound to be things you need to go and collect which you might not be able to collect until the day before so divvy out the collections to those who are around to help and share the load.


4 Last Minute Errands

You could be the most organised person in the word but it’s very likely that there will be last minute errands that need to be done that maybe you didn’t factor into your timetable for the last few days.  Don’t be afraid to ask if someone can help you tick these tasks off the list especially if they are simple errands.


5 Being a Contact On The Day

I would always tell Brides and Grooms to have a contact on the day for their suppliers/venue/caterers that is not themselves.  You don’t want to be dealing with those details on the day so either ask a member of your wedding party to take on this role or you could book my On The Day Wedding Co-Ordinator Package and I can do it for you.


6 Assisting The Photographer

I think any photographer would say that having someone to assist with rounding up guests for the next photo is a godsend.  Again this is a task you can either allocate to an usher/best man or I can do this as part of my On The Day Wedding Co-Ordinator Package. Provide them with a list of the photos and they can be calling the right people over in the right order to save time and allow the photographer to keep snapping away.


7 Look After The Wedding Certificate

It’s probably the most important part of the day and you don’t really want to be worried about keeping it safe so hand it over to someone you trust and ask them to keep it safe for you until the next day.  Just make sure pick someone reliable who’s unlikely to lose it!


8 On The Day Payments

You may find yourself in a situation where a supplier needs paying on the day.  If that’s the case ask someone (again reliable who’s not in the habit of losing things) to keep the money safe and pay the suppliers as and when needed.


9 Safekeeping Of Cards And Presents

At the end of the night the last thing you will be thinking about it collecting up your presents and cards but you want to ensure they are all kept safe so this is a great task to delegate to someone who can then give everything back to you in the morning when you can enjoy opening them and reading all of your cards.


10 Packing Up

Ok so not the most fun of tasks but it’s definitely one that needs doing.  Some venues will be helpful and put all of your belonging to one side for you to collect in the morning but if not, you might need someone to gather everything up and keep it safe for you.  Either way it wouldn’t hurt to rope in some extra hands to load up cars in the morning…it’s the morning after you’re wedding you shouldn’t be doing manual labour, right?!


The main point is don’t be afraid to ask for help but always remember to say thank you to those who do help you!  Thank you goes a long way.


Happy Wedmin-ing!


Amy x

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