Wedding Breakfast Chicken, chicken, chicken! Gone are the days where the only option you could pick was chicken because anything else would have been too adventurous. Picking your wedding breakfast menu should be a lot of fun. Try not to get distracted by what you think your guests will like and pick what you like. It’s your day, you’re paying, eat what you want! You only have to pick chicken if YOU want chicken. If you fancy fish and chips or a hog roast that’s up to you (chef permitting obviously!).

I would normally insist that you have a menu tasting to decide your menu. Some caterers/venues will include this complimentary but even if they don’t it really is worth paying for. In my experience the dishes you like on paper are often not your favourites in reality and your final choice can surprise you. Check how many options you can try and be open to what’s on offer. Don’t be afraid during the tasting to ask if there are tweaks you’d like to make i.e. if you love a dish but prefer the garnish from another dish. Just ask, most chefs will be happy to accommodate. If you’re having a dish that comes with a sauce I would suggest asking for additional jugs of the sauce to be served on the table; there’s nothing worse than running out of sauce!

There will be some dishes people get nervous about serving because it’s a bit of a marmite kind of a dish, like lamb for example, so if that’s what you’d like to pick but you’re worried you can always detail your menu on your invites that way anyone who really won’t eat it can opt for the vegetarian option. On that note, always ask for guests to detail any special dietary requirements on their RSVP so you can relay this to the caterers/venue. They will normally need this at least 2 weeks prior so much sure you ask for RSVPs to be back well before this (giving you time to chase up the stragglers, let’s face it we know there will be some!).

Going back to the tasting, it is better to keep it just to the two of you but if you do decide to invite others to join you, try to keep it to a small number because as we all know too many opinions will make it harder to make a decision. Also you are more than likely have to pay for additional people to attend so bear that in mind, there’s no point blowing the budget on the tasting.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit different. Maybe you don’t want a 3 course plated meal. You could have a more informal buffet or food served family style with everyone helping themselves (if you go down this route make sure you consider the space on the table though). Whatever you decide, make sure you are clear on what’s included with the caterers/venue as some dishes or changes in the style of service could incur supplements so it’s better to ask and be able to budget.

Right that’s made me super hungry so I’m off to cook dinner!

Happy Wedmin-ing!

Amy x

Ps Did you know that the reason they call it your Wedding Breakfast is because it’s the first meal of your married life and therefore the breakfast of your marriage. Fun little fact for you!

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