It can be so nerve wracking speaking in public especially giving a speech at a wedding.  So I wanted to share with you my top 10 tips for writing a wedding speech:


1 Make Notes

Right down notes on what you want to talk about.  I suggest jotting them down as bullet points to use as a reminder of what you want to say and in which order, whilst still allowing you to talk naturally.  If you’re really nervous it’s ok to write out your whole speech and read it word for word if that makes you feel more comfortable, just make sure you can read your writing or you type it up so you won’t get muddled up.


2 Get A Second Pair Of Ears

Get someone to listen to your speech and be sure to pick someone who’s honest (not the kind of person who’d say “yeah you look great when actually you have something green in your teeth).  Remember that sometimes how you hear things in your head is not always how it comes out, so a second or event third opinion is always best.


3 Humour

It’s great to have some humour in your speech but make sure it’s appropriate humour.  Don’t try too hard to be funny as it could end up more cringe than hahaha.  Most of the time it’s the things that you don’t expect, that get a roar of laughter whereas the things you’ve set up for a bit laugh might only get a chuckle.


4 Make Sure You Can Be Heard

There is nothing worse than only catching every other word of a speech or hearing nothing at all.  Speak clearly, slowly and pause every now and again (hopefully to allow for laughter).  If you are using a microphone hold it just below your chin and don’t wave it around.  If in doubt practice with a hair brush, you know like you did as a kid pretending to be a rock star!


5 The Niceties

Be sure to include the niceties and say thank yous.  Depending on what speech you’re giving will depend on what thank yous you are technically “responsible” for saying.


6 Pre-Speech Drinking

Try not to get drunk before your speech or who knows what might come out.  You’ll probably need one or two to steady your nerves and give you a bit more confidence but don’t go to far or your speech might be more of a drunken slur.


7 The Right Length

Plan a speech that takes about 5 minutes when you practice it, because once you add in guest reactions it’ll take more like 10 minutes which is the perfect length of time for a speech especially when there will be a few back to back.


8 Know Your Audience

Remember when you’re writing your speech, that it needs to appeal to all guests.  Some groups might find drunken stories from the Groom’s uni days hilarious but you might not want to offend Great Aunt Mable so maybe pick your stories carefully.


9 No Speech Competitions!

Don’t try to outdo the other speeches.  No one wants a repeat of that scene from Bridesmaids where the speech contest results in some really awkward and terrible karaoke!


10 The Main Point

Remember who the speech is about.  It’s a really special day and that should be reflected in what you say.


Lastly try to enjoy it.  Well at least as much as you can and speak from the heart (sorry I know that was corny but I just had to!


Happy Wedmin-ing!

Amy x

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